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Description: Erfahre Wie Du Deinen Hund Zu Einem Perfekten Begleiter Erziehen Kannst. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-03-14
DRESSAGECH Nombre: Dresser Son Chien En 15 Minutes Par Jour4.91261 8 / Referred 89.0
Description: Guide Pour Dresser Votre Chien En Moins De 15 Minutes Par Jour ! + De 350 Pages D'information Pour Dresser Son Chien Ou Son Chiot. @@@ 75% Commission @@@ Low CPC Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2010-06-02
POTTYMOUTH Nombre: Dog Owners Desperately Want To Stop This Behavior!2.46263 9 / Referred 100.0
Description: Close To 10% Of All Dogs Go Through A Poop Eating Phase In Their Lifetime. This Disgusting Behavior Is Very Hard To Control. Eliminate Potty-mouth Is A Beautifully Designed, Information-packed 51 Page Ebook That Is Guaranteed To Solve The Problem. Comición:70% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-01-16
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Description: Learn How To House Break Your Dog Or Puppy The Quickest Way Possible. Never Had Refund. Very High Conversion Rates. Converts 1.5% To 4% In Sales On Average. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-11-24
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JTWIGS Nombre: Stop Cat Peeing ** Desperate Crowd2.66691 20 / Referred 60.0
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Description: Know How To Feed Your Dog To Quickly Get Astonishing Results. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-05-04
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Description: Ebook(r) Package Revealing Powerful And Effective Horse Training Techniques Of Old Time Master Horse Trainers. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-08-18
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Description: The Ultimate Guide To Keeping Happy,healthy Marine Life (fish, Corals And Other Invertebrates) And How To Optimally Set Up A Saltwater Aquarium And Maintain A Pristine Environment For Your Pets. Includes "how To Make Money From Your Aquarium" Bonus Items. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-06-13
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CANISCLICK Nombre: Clickertraining: The 4 Secrets Of Becoming A Supertrainer.0.684309 29 / Referred 37.0
Description: Bestselling Clickertraining Book For Dog Owners, Written By Norwegian Top Trainers Morten Egtvedt And Cecilie Koeste. This Is A Quality Ebook That Sells! Great Bonus Videos! 75% Commission! Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-06-11
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Description: How To Emotionally Cope With The Death Or Loss Of A Pet. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-08-29
EARTHMEDIC Nombre: Heal Your Dog Naturally0.96 31 / Referred 49.0
Description: At Last, A Book That Reveals The Underlying Causes Of Your Dog's Health Problems That Your Vet Doesn't Even Know About So That Your Pet Can Live A Longer, Healthier And Happier Life. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-05-28
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JANIEKNETZ Nombre: Home Cooking For Sick Dogs / Safe Alternative To Prescription Diets0.332142 38 / Referred 2.0
Description: Created By A Pet Nutritionist. Recipes Especially Tailored To Safely Meet The Needs Of Dogs With Disease And Conditions Such As: Cancer, Pancreatitis, Seizures, Liver Disease, Kidney Disease And Heart Disease. Simple Crock Pot Recipes With 5 Ingredients! Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-04-21
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Description: The Complete Guide To Turning Your Fuzzy Into The Happiest, Best-behaved, And Healthiest Pet In The World! Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2006-06-14
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Description: High Conversion. 2 Products Available. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
REDEYEFROG Nombre: Red Eyed Tree Frog Secrets1.06841 45 / Referred 100.0
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Description: The Definitive Guide To Taking Good Care Of Your Chihuahua. Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-02-09
JAENTERPR Nombre: Pet Rat Care And Training Guide.0.273372 48 / Referred 100.0
Description: Learn How To Have A Wonderful Life With Your Rats. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-11-04
MARC888 Nombre: How To Train & Care For Your Rabbit0.776659 49 / Referred 100.0
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BRAINYDOGS Nombre: Brain Training For Dogs - Unique Dog Training E-book! Easy Sell!0.96 50 / Referred 80.0
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ASDFG1 Nombre: How To Raise Swans0.141876 51 / Referred 66.0
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Description: The Care And Training Of Ragdoll Cats. Excellent Ppc Conversion Rates! Comición:70% Fecha de Activacion: 2006-07-03
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Description: An Easy, Step-by-step System To Maximize Your Bettas Health And Energy - Your Betta Will Thrive For Years To Come! Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2006-05-16
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Description: Programa De Educacion Canina Especializado En Cachorros, Unico En Español. Un Nicho En Alza Que Representa Una Gran Oportunidad Para Paginas Sobre Mascotas. Tus Usuarios Recibiran Un Libro Pdf, Cuatro Audios (mas De 6 Horas), + Bonos Extras. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-03-09
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Description: Now Paying 75% Commission And Converting At 3.6%. New Upsell Converting At 36%. Amazing Results From Both Ppc And Seo Marketing Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-05-21
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Description: Welcome To Where People Who Love Their Dogs Find Recipes Their Dogs Will Love. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-01-16
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Description: Breakthrough New Book Reveals How To Have The Happiest, Healthiest And Most Well Behaved Boston Terrier. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2003-06-10
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Description: Dogs Can Live Longer Healthier Lives When Fed The Food They Are Designed To Digest. Dogs Are Carnivores And Related Closely To Wolves. They May Not All Look Like Wolves But Inside They Are Identical And Thrive On The Same Type Of Food. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-10-22
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8301404 Nombre: Tokay Gecko Lizard Care Information0.0828982 63 / Referred 100.0
Description: Stop Untimely Death. Many Geckos Die Too Young, And Most Often, Such Untimely Death Is Attributed To Lack Of Correct Knowledge On The Part Of The Owners. Learn To Care For Tokay Geckos With The Complete Beginner's Guide. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2012-04-08
FREESPIDOG Nombre: Potty Train Your Puppy With Litter Box - House Training Dogs Indoors0.159296 64 / Referred 9.0
Description: Both Ebook And Online Video Versions That Show Step By Step Training Progression To Potty Train Dogs With A Litter Box Indoors. Only Video Product Of Its Kind In Market. Had Successful Sales Under Previous CB Account. Great Addition For Pet Sites. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-07-11
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Description: Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Raising Parrots Is In This Guide. It Will Teach You The Best Ways To Take Care Of Your Parrot, Foods They Should Eat, Adopting The Perfect Parrot & More! Bonus Ebook, Included! 12 Simple Tricks Any Parrot Can Learn Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-07-05
NEILSONSCB Nombre: Discus Fish Care Handbook0.520403 67 / Referred 100.0
Description: A Guide For Beginners And Experts. Learn The Requirements For Keeping Discus Healthy And Happy! Topics Include Purchasing Guide,tank Size, Temperature, Feeding, Nitrogen Cycles And Compatible Tank Mates Are But A Few Of The Gems In This Handbook. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-10-04
MOLLYDOG12 Nombre: The Dog Allergy Cure: The Natural Way0.0978469 68 / Referred 100.0
Description: Solves A Desperate Problem For Many Dog Owners: Allergies And Allergic Sypmtoms Such As Scratching And Biting. Written By A Leading Dog Health Expert, This Informative Guide Sells Well On A Highly-searched-for Topic. Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2012-09-28
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CRICKETSB Nombre: Crickets Breeding Made Simple0.0529089 70 / Referred 21.0
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Description: Not Another Generic Dog Training Product So Easy To Promote. Continually Split-tested So You Get The Sale. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-11-10
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OURCAT Nombre: Is My Cat Sick?0.726205 73 / Referred 100.0
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Description: This Book Teaches How To Trim A Donkeys Hooves. Professional Farrier, Paul Clark Specializes In The Orthopaedic Shoeing Of Donkeys. In This Book He Explains The Basic Mistakes Many Make, And The Best Way To Work To Trim Your Donkey For Comfort. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2012-08-30
CONOR23 Nombre: Practical Tortoise Care0.0 77 / Referred 0.0
Description: A PDF Ebook That Describes How To Feed, House, And Care For Many Species Of Pet Tortoise. Sells For $16.99 Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2013-10-04
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Description: Unique To The Market. Professional Cat Tree Plans Written By Manufactuer. Complete, Detailed, Easy To Read. Step-by Step Pictures And Information Will Save Customers Money And Time. Earn 50% On This High Quality Book. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-07-12
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Description: Learn About One Of Nature's Most Powerful Remedies - Essential Oils. Written By An Internationally Recognized Holistic Veterinarian With Detailed Descriptions Of Remedies For The Most Common Ailments Of Cats, Dogs, And Horses. Comición:15% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-02-19
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Description: My New Puppy Diary Is The Only Multimedia And Live Chronicle Of Raising A Very Young German Shepherd Puppy! Let Dog Owners See What Gsd Expert Tim Carter Does, And Let Them Learn From The Top Dog Experts Via The Dog Expert Interview And Review Series! Comición:70% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-06-13
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Description: Goat Owners - Resource Books For Raising Goats Of All Kinds. Hints, Tips And Tricks For The Beginning Goat Owner. Learn Where To Find The Tings You Need And The Information You Want At The Goat Source Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-10-12
TAILWAG Nombre: Fast And Esay Dog Training0.0 84 / Referred 0.0
Description: Dog Training Product Developed By A Veterinarian Which Includes Video, Audio And Ebook. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2010-05-27
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