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1CHILDREAD Nombre: Children Learning Reading - Amazing Reading Program Parents Love28.5377 1 / Referred 75.0
Description: Super Effective Program Teaches Children Of All Ages To Read. Incredible Results + Video Sales Letter + Video Proof = Great Conversions + Big Payouts. Super High Converting Upsell (45%). For Aff Tools Go: Http:// Comición:65% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-02-11
READINGHS Nombre: N E W :: Reading Head Start - Check This Parenting Offer Out...6.3022 2 / Referred 25.0
Description: Top Vendor Of "start Potty Training" Releases Best-selling Product On CB For The First Time! 70-100% Recurring Monthly Commissions With High Ticket Upsells. Epc's So High I Nearly Kept This Offer All To Myself - Visit: Comición:70% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-06-13
EDINURIA Nombre: Aumenta La Inteligencia De Tu Hijo Con La Estimulacion Temprana1.01741 3 / Referred 86.0
Description: El Producto Más Completo De Estimulación Temprana Con Preciado Servicio Experto De Consultoría. El Único Dedicado A Aumentar La Inteligencia Del Niño Durante Sus Primeros Seis Años. Incluye Videos Y Ebooks Demostrativos Y Material Digital De Enseñanza. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-06-17
GOASKMOM Nombre: 24 Hour Science Projects3.66334 4 / Referred 71.0
Description: Fast And Easy Science Project Guides That Can Be Finished In 24 Hours. Experiment Based Projects Are Parent And Teacher Tested And Approved. Great Product With High Conversion Rate. Comición:51% Fecha de Activacion: 2003-02-11
HMSCHOLAR Nombre: The Homescholar Total Transcript Solution0.626073 5 / Referred 4.0
Description: Lee Binz Shares The Secrets Of Creating Great Homeschool Transcripts That Will Impress Colleges. No Matter How You Homeschool, Parents Are Capable Of Creating Effective Transcripts That Provide A Clear Picture Of Their Students Academic Record. Comición:40% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-12-09
METODO360 Nombre: Montessori 3600.96 6 / Referred 16.0
Description: Una Visión De 360 Grados De El Método Montessori Para Que Los Padres Puedan Convertirse En El Guía De Sus Hijos, Ayudándoles A Ser La Mejor Versión De Si Mismos Potenciando Su Independencia, Concentración, Confianza Y Auto Aprendizaje. Comición:30% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-08-26
PACKIT Nombre: Pac-kit1.49745 7 / Referred 100.0
Description: Daily Calendar/planner For Students Comición:51% Fecha de Activacion:
SLATTENK Nombre: Priceless Parenting - Online Parenting Classes0.751447 8 / Referred 100.0
Description: Priceless Parenting Offers Online Parenting Classes Which Teach Specific Skills Needed For Successful Parenting. For Example, Parents Learn Effective Discipline Techniques For Positively Dealing With Misbehavior Without Yelling Or Hitting. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-01-08
DOTSPRO Nombre: Home Schooling Guidebook0.544525 9 / Referred 30.0
Description: Are You Thinking About Home Schooling Your Kids, But Are Not Sure If You Have What It Takes, Or Know What Is Really Required Of You? If So, Read This Book First! It Will Save You Lots Of Time And Headaches In Researching All This Information On Your Own. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2007-03-16
MIBTT Nombre: Discover How Baby Sign Language Can Help You?0.0 10 / Referred 0.0
Description: Step By Step E-book On How To Communicate With Your Baby Before They Can Speak. Discover How Baby Sign Language Can Help You To Understand What Your Child Is Thinking And Saying Before They Can Talk Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-05-12
TUIDCB Nombre: Creación De Activos Para Principiantes0.0 11 / Referred 0.0
Description: Se Vende Como Pan . Curso Sobre Creación De Micro Activos E Ingresos Pasivos. Embudo De Conversión Probado. Http:// Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2013-05-29
JCEVED Nombre: Everyday Education- Literature, Home School Teens, Writing, Etc.0.0 12 / Referred 0.0
Description: Homeschool Through High School & Beyond With Easy To Use Resources! Transcripts Made Easy, Get A Jump Start On College, Grammar Made Easy, Excellence In Literature, And More. We Are A Real Company With Quality Resources. We Also Handle Dues For Naiwe. Comición:33% Fecha de Activacion: 2006-02-20
LOGRATUSOB Nombre: Alternativas Eficaces A Los Castigos, Las Amenazas Y Los Premios0.0 13 / Referred 0.0
Description: 8 Vídeos Y Audios Cortos Con Respuestas Prácticas 2 Seminarios Grabados En Formato Vídeo Y Audio 2 Pdf´s Que Amplían Los Seminarios. Un Vídeo Y Audio Especial Adquiriendo El Taller Entrarás A Formar Parte De La Comunidad Privada De Google Plus. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2012-08-15
BLUEDUCKS Nombre: Eye Can Too! Read0.0 14 / Referred 0.0
Description: A Series Of Three E-books Sold Separately That Provide Graded Academic Activities For Pre-k Through 8th Grade Home-schoolers That Rely On And Provide Experience Using Learning-related Vision Skills. Some Call These "vision Therapy Workbooks" Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-09-22
SABOMNIM Nombre: Stop Bullying Problems In 3 Days Or Less0.0 15 / Referred 0.0
Description: Read This Free Special Report And Discover The 6 Highly Effective Skills That You Need To Know To Protect Your Child From Bullies In 3 Days Or Less. A Proven System That Has Worked For Hundreds Of Families And Their Children. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-08-14
11ELICAT Nombre: Get Your Baby To Sleep0.0 16 / Referred 0.0
Description: Discover A Fast, Proven System You Can Use To Get Your Baby To Sleep Without Any Parenting Savvy, Doctor Skills Or Even Spending A Huge Amount Of Time Up Front! Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-08-07
58GODESS Nombre: Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise0.0 17 / Referred 0.0
Description: Young, Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Is A Method For Working With Your Family On Creating Affluence For You As A Family. It Can Be Used By Any Family Member Including Teens And Young People. Make More Money By Making The Right Decisions. Learn And Save. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-05-24
AGRANT4 Nombre: Inspirational Kids Stories.0.0 18 / Referred 0.0
Description: Stories For Kids With A Moral. Teach Your Kids Life's Values Through The Stories Of This Ebook(r. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-01-27
BUNNYKID Nombre: Kids Easter Activities - Printable Easter Activities And Games0.0 19 / Referred 0.0
Description: Printable Kids Easter Activities For Children At Home Or School. Includes Word Puzzles, Mazes, Easter Games, Math Worksheets, Coloring Pages, Easter Cards And More. Fun, Educational Activities Perfect For Teachers, Parents And Grandparents. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-03-09
EDUCATEUR Nombre: Coaching Pour Reussir En Maths : 15/20 En 15 Min / Jours0.0 20 / Referred 0.0
Description: Accès Privé Pour Tous Les Collégiens, Lycéens Et Adultes (12 À 78 Ans) Francophones Qui Souhaitent Réussir En Maths. Garantie Satisfait Ou Remboursé Pour 15 Minutes Par Jour D'aide En Maths Et Atteindre 15/20. Communication Par Email, Mms Et Chat. Comición:70% Fecha de Activacion: 2012-12-31
MEMORYMENT Nombre: Seriously Simple Sums! Master Multiplication & Division0.0 21 / Referred 0.0
Description: Dont Let Your Child Struggle With Maths Tables Any Longer! Watch In Amazement As They Calculate Large Sums Effortlessly, Even In Their Head! Help Them Become The Class Genius! Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2007-04-04
NADIAD Nombre: New Teachers Kit - The Ultimate Survival Kit For Graduating Teachers.0.0 22 / Referred 0.0
Description: Newly Qualified Teachers Save Hours With This Printable, Editable Kit For First Time Educators! Signs, Displays, Rosters, Labels, Charts, Advice From A Teacher Who Did It The Hard Way. Niche Product! Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2007-04-12
NEWLIFE88 Nombre: Games For Fun Kids - Mind Power Series0.0 23 / Referred 0.0
Description: Fun Math Games, Printable English Worksheets, Creative And Fun Brain Games To Train Your Child To Think Like A Genius. More Than 360 Fun Activities For Children To Play And Learn With Teachers And Parents. Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-11-18
ROWE2 Nombre: Speeches For Principals And Teachers0.270819 1 / Referred 23.0
Description: 31 Inspiring Speeches For Students And Staff . Fantastic Time Saver. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
LEOTORIO Nombre: Classroom Discipline 101 Ebook0.0487608 2 / Referred 100.0
Description: Classroom Discipline 101 Is An Ebook Written By Los Angeles Veteran Teacher And Classroom Management Expert Craig Seganti. It Covers Concrete, Proven Discipline Techniques For Even The Toughest Classrooms. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-06-05
HOWTOMAKE Nombre: How To Make A Difference.0.0337685 3 / Referred 100.0
Description: Unlock The Secrets Of Successful Classroom Teaching. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-01-28
ALLSCIENCE Nombre: Science Fair Projects Made Easy.0.105905 4 / Referred 100.0
Description: Science Fair Project Ebook(r. Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-03-18
SCIENCEFAI Nombre: Super Science Fair Projects.0.0414149 5 / Referred 100.0
Description: Detailed, Step-by-step Instructions On How To Do An Award Winning Science Fair Project Using Either The Scientific Method Or The Engineering Design Process. Worksheets And Checklists Keeps The Student On Track. A Parent's Guide Is Included. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
SAHOME Nombre: South African History File Folder Projects0.203506 6 / Referred 6.0
Description: Printable Lapbooking Projects About Various People Groups And Eras In The History Of South Africa Including The San, The Dutch, The French Huguenots, The 1820 Settlers, The Isixhosa, The Zulu, The Great Trek, The South African War And More. Comición:30% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-07-31
LYNDYCO Nombre: 101 Easy Science Projects.0.0529089 7 / Referred 100.0
Description: Downloadable E-book With Step By Step Instructions For Lots Of Easy Science Projects For Kids In Grades K - 12. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-03-01
ROWE3 Nombre: Strategic Planning For Schools0.0 8 / Referred 0.0
Description: Strategic Planning For Schools Is A School Specific Toolkit Which Leads User Through The Complete Strategic Planning Process From Vision, To Identifying Issues, To Developing Strategics To Writing The Action Plan. Templates Are Included For Each Step. Comición:25% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-09-05
PLUMEBOOKS Nombre: Fairy Tales, Fables And Myths In Easy French0.0 9 / Referred 0.0
Description: These Collections Of Well-loved Tales Are Written In Easy French For Beginning Learners. Teachers Of Fsl Will Enjoy The Fact That There Are Narrative Versions As Well As Play Scripts, Illustration Activity Pages And French/english Glossaries Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2007-07-17
MICHMILF Nombre: Master Math & English. Easy Explanations. 1200p Poster!0.0 10 / Referred 0.0
Description: Great For School, Homeschool, Adults. Contains Illustrated Topic Explanations, Worked Answers, Tips And Techniques. 5000 Copies Sold! Instant Access E-books, 1200 Pages, Plus A Free Poster! Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2007-01-11
WAYUPTHERE Nombre: Select Schools (canada.0.0 11 / Referred 0.0
Description: Exclusive School Ratings And Rankings For The Toronto Area - Ideal For Relocating Families That Care About School Quality. Comición:40% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-12-12
VTOSCANO Nombre: Como Convertirte En Un Experto Para Hablar En Publico0.0 12 / Referred 0.0
Description: Nuevo Curso En Línea Para Hablar En Público - Aprenderás A Cautivar A Tu Audiencia E Influir En La Gente Con Tus Palabras Realizando Exposiciones Espectaculares Con Gran Éxito. ¡además Lograrás Conquistar Tu Miedo A Hablar En Público! Comición:60% Fecha de Activacion: 2010-02-12
MFSAVAGE Nombre: American Civil War Maps, Video, Photos & Lesson Plans0.0 13 / Referred 0.0
Description: A Unique Range Of Teacher Aids For Schools & Home Educators Relating To The American Civil War: Comprehensive Battlefield Maps, Video Clips Of The Battlefields, Historic Photographs & Teacher Lesson Plans. Comición:40% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-07-24
TARRYTOWN2 Nombre: Memory Skills Made Easy.0.0 14 / Referred 0.0
Description: Isnt It Time To Remember Things More Easily? How About Helping Your Child Remember More Easily? Choose The Program You Need: Ebook/video/mp3. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
LORINYC Nombre: How To Make A Website0.0 15 / Referred 0.0
Description: Teaching You How To Make Your Own Website, Step By Step. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2004-04-22
LTLN1 Nombre: Learn That Language Now Foreign Language Learning Program0.0 16 / Referred 0.0
Description: Best Selling Language Product On CB! Brand New Split Tested And Optimized Landing Page For 2016. 75% Commission And High Conversion Rates! What Are You Waiting For? Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2008-09-16
TEACHERSGU Nombre: Teacher's Guide To Science Fair Projects0.0 17 / Referred 0.0
Description: Teacher's Guide To Science Fair Projects Includes Everything You Need: 20-inquiry Based Lesson Plans, How To Do A Science Expo, Parents Package. Printables For Lesson Plans, Students And Parents, Expo. 2 Free Bonus Ebooks. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-05-12
TEACHING Nombre: 52 Teaching Tips0.0 18 / Referred 0.0
Description: 52 Simple Teaching Tips Guaranteed To Improve Your Teaching Career. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
WPUBLISHER Nombre: Instant Vocabulary Builder0.0 19 / Referred 0.0
Description: Instant Vocabulary Builder Ebook Is A User-friendly And Easy To Understand Resource Includes A Database Of Word Roots And English Derivatives, Database Of Affixes: Prefixes & Suffixes With Their Corresponding Meanings, Language Origin And Examples. Comición:35% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-02-19
EXCELFREE Nombre: El Adn De Power Pivot4.12801 1 / Referred 15.0
Description: El Adn De Power Pivot, Es Una Guía Paso A Paso Sobre Power Pivot, Construcción De Modelos De Datos Y El Lenguaje Dax, Desde Sus Fundamentos Esenciales Hasta Sus Aspectos Más Avanzados Y Complejos. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2015-11-05
BSRPRO Nombre: Bestselling Ranking Pro - Kindle Ebook Bestseller Secrets + 1 Upsell1.87656 2 / Referred 22.0
Description: Discover The Little-known Secrets A Few Bestselling Authors Use To Earn A Full-time Income Selling Ebooks On Amazon Kindle. Affiliates Averaging $2.27 Epc's. Get Affiliate Tools, Swipe Copy, And Banners At: Http:// Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-09-16
PROOFBOT Nombre: Proofread Bot1.38202 3 / Referred 23.0
Description: Online Grammar Checker And Proofreading Tool With Cutting Edge Natural Language Processing That Identifies Complex Grammatical And Style Issues. Comes With An Api, Already Integrated With Wordpress, Drupal And Microsoft Word. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2011-11-13
JARONO Nombre: Scrivener Coach's - Learn Scrivener Fast Online Membership Course0.345981 4 / Referred 100.0
Description: A Step-by-step Self-paced Online Video Course To Help You Maximize Your Time & Use Scrivener To Its Full Potential Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2013-12-28
TUTOR2014 Nombre: Worldox Document Management Online Training0.0936983 5 / Referred 27.0
Description: Provides Online Training For The Worldox Gx3 Document Management Program Used By Businesses To Make It Easy To Find Their Electonically Stored Documents. Comición:30% Fecha de Activacion: 2014-04-10
JGILBERT1 Nombre: SEO Keyword Software0.845568 6 / Referred 47.0
Description: New SEO Keyword & Blogging Content Software Pays You 50% Http:// Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2015-07-28
SURVEYPRO3 Nombre: Drivingtestsecrets.com0.220819 7 / Referred 68.0
Description: New Site Promo - Amazingly High Conversions. Affiliates Earn 75% ! - Try It & See. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion:
7CLAUDIO Nombre: Primer Producto En Español En CB - Curso Completo De Autocad. 75% Com.0.0 8 / Referred 0.0
Description: Nuevo Nicho, 1er Producto En Español En CB - Gana Hasta $66usd X Venta. Garantía De Ventas - Tráfico Con Alto Poder Adquisitivo. Curso Completo Más Bonos En Videos Tutoriales, Audios Y Pdf's. Aprender Autocad Desde Cero. Comisión Más Alta En CB Español! Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2016-06-01
STORYCRAFT Nombre: Storycraft Story-creation Software0.0 9 / Referred 0.0
Description: Storycraft, One Of The First And Most Respected Story-writing Software Programs, Guides You Through The Entire Process Of Writing Novels And Screenplays! Write Stories, Learn Craft Of Fiction, Professional And Wanna-be Writers Alike! Comición:55% Fecha de Activacion: 2009-06-19