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LPPRO Nombre: Lunarphase Pro - Astronomy Software For Moon Observers1.02834 1 / Referred 79.0
Description: Learn About The Moon And Its Phenomena With This Interactive Moon Atlas And Astronomy Software Tool. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion:
BIGFOOTICU Nombre: Bigfooticus And Their Babies E-book0.293858 2 / Referred 100.0
Description: 75%. Bigfoot Has Been Mislabeled As Gigantopithecus Or Half Ape. Freelance Paleoanthropologist & Conservationist Tom Miller Walks Us Through The Science Of His Astonishing Discoveries Of Six Beings In 2008-09 With Photos,videos & Close Encounter Stories. Comición:75% Fecha de Activacion: 2010-11-30
MINTAKAP Nombre: Stargazing For Beginners0.0 3 / Referred 0.0
Description: Introduction To Stargazing With Binoculars. An Easy Way To Learn The Stars, Constellations, And Basic Astronomy. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2006-10-27
NSOCAT Nombre: Moon Phase Prediction Software & Ebook(r.0.0 4 / Referred 0.0
Description: Learn About The Moon With This Ebook(r) And Predict Moon Phases And More With The Associated Astronomy/astrology Software Package. Comición:50% Fecha de Activacion: 2005-09-23